Joel has been creating custom paintings and drawings for satisfied clients across the nation for many years.  Equally comfortable with pencil, watercolor or oil, nearly any subject can be captured and remembered for years to come.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

"First Light"  Oil on Panel 12" x 24"

"Falls Creek" Oil on Panel 12" x 24"

Most commissions are completed using a combination of photographs and direct observation from life. The best results are obtained when the subject can be experienced first hand. For example; if capturing a landscape or home is desired, and it is possible, a visit by the artist to the location is recommended. Or for portraiture, whether people or pets, a photo shoot by Joel is preferred. Sometimes taking new photographs is not an option, and in that case the artist will work with you to choose the best picture to represent the subject.

"Joel Edwards was able to capture the essence and spirit of our ranch through his unique lens.  Joel has a way of absorbing his environment from an all-encompassing perspective, noticing the subtleties, and capturing the light at different times of the day.  In our case, he stayed at our ranch for a week noting a variety of locations, viewing them through his eyes, and seeing the subtle beauty and tranquility of a very special space to our family. We love the piece he created for us."
-Kyle and Diane Deaver

"My boyfriends father past away at the end of August. I have seen the amazing work Joel Edwards does and asked him to make this for me. It came out amazing and when I gave it to her she cried and said she loved it. It was the last family photo session they had. I love the work Joel does and will always go to him for any art work I need done."
-Angel Nardella

"I was blown away by the finished product. Joel was able to capture the children’s personalities in the painting and it’s a perfect reflection of who they are. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you Joel for creating a work of art that we will cherish forever."
-Jill and Cameron Goss

"Joel Edwards work is of the highest caliber, and his drawings are exceptional. His attention to detail is second to none."
-Thomas Leath

"Joel’s talents are beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  He is able to capture the spirit of his subjects.  I wanted a gift of a picture of my children.  He helped me decide what type of painting or drawing I wanted. He VERY PATIENTLY explained all of the options. Then he spent time with us at the children’s favorite park to really capture their spirit.  He took video to allow him to get the best images of them. His finished project can only be described as outstanding. Not only is the art incredible - he also captured their personalities so perfectly through the gleam of their eyes, the various color tones of their hair, their facial expressions..... I will cherish this art for the rest of my life."
-Angie Cuellar

"Joel created an original painting for our son that met all of his specific requests and far exceeded our expectations.  He has a special gift for making a painting come to life with meaning through the use of his exceptional skills!!  We highly recommend Joel to make your ideas to become a beautiful reality!!"
-Richard and Sarah Scott

"Joel does such beautiful work. I had seen how beautiful his artwork was before commissioning a piece from him and was still blown away when I received the finished drawing. It was the center of attention at the birthday party it was gifted at, with everyone in awe at the detail and beauty of the drawing. Besides delivering beautiful artwork, Joel was also wonderful to work with. I can't recommend Joel or his work enough."
-Aleigh Ascherl
If you are interested in discussing the possibility of joining with Joel in creating a unique work of art, please use the contact form here:
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